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The Double Tradition According to Q

The following table lists the Double Tradition material present in Matthew and Luke, based on Robinson, Hoffmann and Kloppenborg’s Critical Edition of Q, and following its order (identical to Luke’s order except in two cases). The numbered pericopes correspond to Aland’s Synopsis Quattuor Evangeliorum. Pericopes marked “Yes” in the “Same” column appear in the same order in both Matthew and Luke. The “Displaced” column gives the numbered pericopes for Matthew’s versions of the passages. Pericopes in parentheses designate passages where only one of Matthew’s verses is displaced, with the rest of the pericope remaining in its current order. Green pericopes are true Double Tradition passages which have no parallel in Mark. Indigo pericopes designate “Mark / Q overlaps” with the corresponding Markan passages noted.

PericopePericope DescriptionSameDisplaced MatthewMarkLuke
Part 1
13John the BaptistYes 3:1,5b1:1-63:2b-3a
14John's Preaching of RepentanceYes 3:7-103:7-9
16John's Messianic PreachingYes 3:11-121:7-83:16b-17
18The Baptism of JesusYes 3:13,16-171:9-113:21b-22
20aIn the WildernessYes 4:1-21:12-134:1-2
20bThe TemptationYes 4:3-4a,5-11a4:3-13
32Ministry in GalileeYes 4:13a4:16a
51The BeatitudesYes 5:2-4,6,11-126:20-23
59On Love of One's EnemiesYes(to 71) 5:39b-42,44-48; 7:12a6:27-32,34-36
68On JudgingYes(to 150) 7:1-5; 15:14b6:37-42
73aBy their FruitsYes 7:16,186:43-44
73bGood Treasure(to 118) 12:34b-356:45
74Saying Lord LordYes 7:21a6:46
75The House Built upon the RockYes 7:24-276:47-49
85The Centurion of CapernaumYes 7:28a; 8:5-117:1,3,6b-10
106John the Baptist's QuestionYes 11:2-67:18-19,22-23
107Jesus' Witness concerning JohnYes(to 277) 11:7-11,16-19; 21:32a7:24-35
Part 2
176On Following Jesusto 89 8:19-229:57-60
177Commissioning the Seventyto 98,99 9:37-38; 10:1a,5a,9a,10-16a6:7-1310:2-12
178Woes Pronounced on Galilean CitiesYesto 108 11:21-23a10:13-15
179He who Hears You Hears Meto 104 10:4010:16
181aJesus' Thanksgiving to the FatherYesto 109 11:25-2710:21-22
181bThe Blessedness of the Disciplesto 123 13:16-1710:23b-24
185The Lord's Prayerto 62 6:9-10a,11-13a11:2b-4
187Encouragement to Prayto 70 7:7-1111:9-13
188The Beelzebub ControversyYesto 97,117 9:32b-33a,34; 12:25-303:22-2711:14-23
189The Return of the Evil Spiritto 120 12:43-45a11:24-26
191The Sign of JonahYesto 119 12:38-39,41-4211:29-32
192Concerning Lightto 53 5:15a11:33
193The Sound Eyeto 65 6:22-2311:34-35
194bDiscourses Against the Phariseesto 284 23:1-4,6-7,12-13,23,25-27,31,34a,35-3612:38-4011:42-44,46b-52
196Exhortation to Fearless Confessionto 101 10:24a,25a,26b-3312:2-9
197The Sin against the Holy Spiritto 118 12:32a-b3:28-3012:10
198The Assistance of the Holy Spiritto 100 10:19a,2013:9-1312:11-12
202Treasures in Heavento 64 6:19-2112:33-34
201Anxieties about Earthly Thingsto 67 6:25-3312:22b-31
203aWatchfulnessto 296 24:37-3812:39-40
203bFaithfulnessto 297 24:45-51a12:42-46
204Division in Householdsto 102 10:34-3512:49,51,53
205Interpreting the Timesto 154 16:2-312:54-56
206Agreement with One's Accuserto 55 5:25-2612:58-59
209The Parable of the Mustard SeedYesto 128 13:31-324:30-3213:18-19
210The Parable of the LeavenYesto 129 13:3313:20-21
211aThe Narrow Doorto 72 7:13a,14b13:24
211bExclusion from the Kingdomto 74,85,256 7:22-23; 8:12,13b; 20:1613:25-30
213The Lament over Jerusalemto 285 23:37-3913:34-35
216The Parable of the Great Supperto 279 22:2-3a,5,7a,8a,9-1014:16-21,23
217The Conditions of Discipleshipto 103 10:37-3914:26-27,33
218The Parable of Saltto 52 5:139:49-5014:34-35
224On Serving Two Mastersto 66 6:2416:13
226Concerning the Lawto 54,107 5:18; 11:12-1316:16-17
227Concerning Divorceto 56 5:3216:18
229Warning against OffencesYesto 168 18:6-79:42-5017:1-2
219The Parable of the Lost Sheepto 169 18:12-1315:4-5a,7
230On ForgivenessYesto 170,172 18:15,21b,22b17:3-4
231On Faithto 163 17:2017:6
235The Day of the Son of ManYesto 291,296 24:26-28,39-41,43-4417:23-24,26-30,33-35,37
299The Parable of the TalentsYesto 298,299 25:10d-12,14-15a,19-2919:12-13,15-24,26
313bThe Rewards of Discipleshipto 255 19:2822:28,30