The Gospel and the Apostles

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The Gospel and the Apostles:

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Appendix - Page 4

Displaced Triple Tradition Material

A list is here given of the material in Matthew and Luke which is parallel to pericopes in Mark, but which appears in a different order than in Mark. Pericopes marked “Q” are considered to be “Mark / Q overlaps” according to the Q theory, and so are often not treated as Triple Tradition passages.

Mark 1:17-20Luke 5:10-11The Call of the Disciples
Matthew 4:23Mark 1:39First Preaching Tour
Matthew 8:2-4Mark 1:40-44Cleansing the Leper
Matthew 10:1-4Mark 3:13-19Choosing the Twelve
Mark 3:22-27Luke 11:15-22QOn Collusion with Satan
Mark 3:29Luke 12:10QSin Against Holy Spirit
Mark 3:31-35Luke 8:19-21Jesus’ True Kindred
Mark 4:30-32Luke 13:18-19QThe Mustard Seed
Matthew 8:18Mark 4:35Crossing the Sea
Matthew 8:23-27Mark 4:36-41Stilling the Storm
Matthew 8:28-34Mark 5:1-17The Gerasene Demoniac
Matthew 9:18-26Mark 5:21-43Jairus’ Daughter
Mark 6:1-4Luke 4:16-22Jesus at Nazareth
Mark 6:17-18Luke 3:19-20Imprisonment of John
Mark 8:15Luke 12:1Leaven of the Pharisees
Mark 9:42Luke 17:1-2QWarning of Offences
Matthew 5:13Mark 9:50Luke 14:34QThe Parable of Salt
Mark 10:41-45Luke 22:24-27Precedence of Disciples
Matthew 21:10-13Mark 11:15-17Cleansing the Temple
Mark 12:28-34Luke 10:25-28Great Commandment
Mark 13:21,15-16Luke 17:23,31False Christs and False Prophets
Matthew 10:17-22Mark 13:9-13Luke 12:11-12 [; 21:12-19]QPersecutions Foretold
Mark 14:20-21Luke 22:21-23Jesus Foretells Betrayal
Mark 14:3-9Luke 7:36-50Woman with Ointment
Mark 14:61-65Luke 22:63-71Jesus before Sanhedrin