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Common Synoptic Material

This table gives a detailed list of material in the Synoptics. The Gospels have been divided into pericopes based on those in Aland’s Synopsis Quattuor Evangeliorum, and follow its numbering scheme. Some pericopes have been further subdivided (and designated “a” and “b” accordingly).

Material in the Gospels are represented using the following colours: blue for Matthew, red for Mark, and yellow for Luke. These colours have been combined to show material common to one or more of the Gospels. Hence, material common to Matthew and Mark is shown as purple (the combination of blue and red), material common to Mark and Luke is shown as orange (the combination of red and yellow), and material common to Matthew and Luke is shown as green (the combination of blue and yellow). Material common to all three Gospels is here shown as white. Verses in parentheses are verses from a different context which have a loose parallel with verses in the coloured pericope. Pericopes in square brackets show where a parallel pericope in a different Gospel is located in the table when its order is different.

PericopePericope DescriptionMatthewMarkLuke
2The Promise of the Birth of John the Baptist 1:5-25
3The Annunciation(1:20-21)1:26-38
4Mary's Visit to Elizabeth1:39-56
5The Birth of John the Baptist1:57-80
6The Genealogy of Jesus1:1-17(3:23-38)
7aThe Promise and Birth of Jesus 1:18-25(1:31,35)
7bThe Birth of Jesus2:1-7
8The Shepherds Adore the Infant Jesus2:8-20
9aThe Circumcision and Presentation2:21-38
9bThe Magi Adore the Infant Jesus2:1-12
10The Flight into Egypt and Return2:13-21
11The Childhood of Jesus at Nazareth 2:22-232:39-40
12The Boy Jesus in the Temple2:41-52
13John the Baptist 3:1-61:1-63:1-6
14John's Preaching of Repentance 3:7-103:7-9
15John Replies to Questioners3:10-14
16John's Messianic Preaching 3:11-121:7-83:15-18
17The Imprisonment of John [144a][144a]3:19-20
18The Baptism of Jesus 3:13-171:9-113:21-22
19The Genealogy of Jesus(1:1-17)3:23-38
20aIn the Wilderness 4:1-21:12-134:1-2
20bThe Temptation 4:3-114:3-13
30The Journey into Galilee 4:121:14-154:14
32Ministry in Galilee 4:13-174:15-16
33aJesus' Preaching at Nazareth [139][139]4:17-22
33bJesus Rejected at Nazareth4:23-30
34The Call of the Disciples 4:18-221:16-20[41b]
35Teaching in the Synagogue in Capernaum [76]1:21-224:31-32
36The Healing of the Demoniac 1:23-284:33-37
37Healing of Peter's Mother-in-law [87]1:29-314:38-39
38The Sick Healed at Evening [88]1:32-344:40-41
39Jesus Departs from Capernaum 1:35-384:42-43
40First Preaching Tour in Galilee 4:231:394:44
41aThe Miraculous Draught of Fish5:1-7
41bThe Call of the Disciples [34][34]5:8-11
42The Cleansing of the Leper [84]1:40-455:12-16
43The Healing of the Paralytic [92]2:1-125:17-26
44The Call of Levi [93]2:13-175:27-32
45The Question about Fasting [94]2:18-225:33-39
46Plucking Grain on the Sabbath [111]2:23-286:1-5
47Healing the Withered Hand [112]3:1-66:6-11
48Jesus Heals Multitudes by the Sea [113]3:7-12(6:17-19)
49The Choosing of the Twelve [99a]3:13-196:12-16
50Occasion of the Sermon 4:24-5:1(3:7-10)6:17-19
51The Beatitudes 5:2-126:20-23
51x [79]The Woes6:24-26
52The Salt of the Earth 5:13(9:49-50)[218]
53The Light of the World 5:14-16(4:21[192]
54On the Law and the Prophets 5:17-20[226]
55On Murder and Wrath 5:21-26[206]
56aOn Adultery5:27-30(9:43-48)
56bOn Divorce 5:31-32[227]
57On Oaths5:33-37
59On Love of One's Enemies 5:38-486:27-36
60On Almsgiving6:1-4
61On Prayer6:5-6
62The Lord's Prayer 6:7-15(11:25-26)[185]
63On Fasting6:16-18
64On Treasures 6:19-21[202]
65The Sound Eye 6:22-23[193]
66On Serving Two Masters 6:24[224]
67On Anxiety 6:25-34[201]
68On Judging 7:1-5(4:24)6:37-42
69On Profaning the Holy7:6
70God's Answering of Prayer 7:7-11[187]
71The Golden Rule 7:12[59]
72The Narrow Door 7:13-14[211a]
73aBy their Fruits 7:15-206:43-44
73bGood Treasure [118b]6:45
74Saying Lord Lord 7:21-236:46
75The House Built upon the Rock 7:24-276:47-49
76The Effect of the Sermon 7:28-8:1[35][35]
84Cleansing the Leper 8:2-4[42][42]
85The Centurion of Capernaum 8:5-137:1-10
86The Widow's Son at Nain7:11-17
87Healing of Peter's Mother-in-law 8:14-15[37][37]
88The Sick Healed at Evening 8:16[38][38]
89On Following Jesus 8:17-23[176]
90Stilling the Storm 8:24-27[136][136]
91The Gadarene Demoniacs 8:28-9:1[137][137]
92The Healing of the Paralytic 9:2-8[43][43]
93The Call of Levi 9:9-13[44][44]
94The Question about Fasting 9:14-17[45][45]
95Jairus' Daughter and the Woman 9:18-26[138][138]
96Two Blind Men9:27-31(10:46-52)
97The Dumb Demoniac 9:32-34(3:22)[188]
98The Harvest Is Great 9:35-38(6:6,34)[177]
99aThe Choosing the Twelve 10:1-4[49][49]
99bCommissioning the Twelve 10:5-16[142][177]
100The Fate of the Disciples 10:17-22[289a][198]
101Exhortation to Fearless Confession 10:23-33(4:22; 8:38)[196]
102Divisions within Households 10:34-36[204]
103Conditions of Discipleship 10:37-39(8:34-35)[217]
104Rewards of Discipleship 10:40-42(9:41)[179]
105Continuation of Journey11:1
106John the Baptist's Question 11:2-67:18-23
107Jesus' Witness concerning John 11:7-19(1:2)7:24-35
108Woes Pronounced on Galilean Cities 11:20-24[178]
109Jesus' Thanksgiving to the Father 11:25-27[181a]
110Come to Me11:28-30
111Plucking Grain on the Sabbath 12:1-8[46][46]
112Healing the Withered Hand 12:9-14[47][47]
113Jesus Heals Multitudes by the Sea 12:15-21[48]
114aThe Woman with the Ointment [306][306]7:36-39
114bHe who is Forgiven Little Loves Little 7:40-50
115The Ministering Women8:1-3
116Jesus Is Thought to be Beside Himself 3:20-21
117On Collusion with Satan 12:22-303:22-27[188]
118aThe Sin against the Holy Spirit 12:31-323:28-30[197]
118bGood Treasure 12:33-37[73b]
119The Sign of Jonah 12:38-42(8:11-12)[191]
120The Return of the Evil Spirit 12:43-45[189]
121Jesus' True Kindred 12:46-503:31-35[135]
122The Parable of the Sower 13:1-94:1-98:4-8
123aThe Reason for Speaking in Parables 13:10-154:10-128:9-10
123bThe Blessedness of the Disciples 13:16-17[181b]
124Interpretation of the Parable of the Sower 13:18-234:13-208:11-15
125He who has Ears to Hear (5:15; 7:2; 10:26)4:21-258:16-18
126The Parable of the Seed Growing Secretly 4:26-29
127The Parable of the Tares13:24-30
128The Parable of the Mustard Seed 13:31-324:30-32[209]
129The Parable of the Leaven 13:33[210]
130Jesus' Use of Parables 13:34-354:33-34
131Interpretation of the Parable of the Tares 13:36-43
132The Parable of the Hidden Treasure 13:44-46
133The Parable of the Net13:47-50
134Treasures New and Old13:51-53
135Jesus' True Kindred [121][121]8:19-21
136Stilling the Storm [90]4:35-418:22-25
137The Gerasene Demoniac [91]5:1-208:26-39
138Jairus' Daughter and the Woman [95]5:21-438:40-56
139Jesus is Rejected at Nazareth 13:54-586:1-6[33a]
142Commissioning the Twelve [99b]6:7-139:1-6
143Opinions regarding Jesus 14:1-26:14-169:7-9
144aThe Imprisonment of John the Baptist 14:3-56:17-20[17]
144bThe Death of John the Baptist 14:6-126:21-29
145The Return of the Apostles 6:30-319:10
146Five Thousand are Fed 14:13-216:32-449:11-17
147The Walking on the Water 14:22-346:45-53
148Healings at Gennesaret 14:35-366:54-56
150Defilement - Traditional and Real 15:1-207:1-23(11:37-39)
151The Syrophoenician Woman 15:21-287:24-30
152Jesus Heals a Deaf Mute 15:29-317:31-37
153Four Thousand are Fed 15:32-398:1-10
154The Pharisees Seek a Sign 16:1-48:11-13[205]
155The Leaven of the Pharisees 16:5-128:14-21[195]
156A Blind Man is Healed at Bethsaida8:22-26
158Peter's Confession 16:13-208:27-309:18-21
159Jesus Foretells His Passion 16:21-238:31-339:22
160If Any Man would Come after Me 16:24-288:34-9:19:23-27
161The Transfiguration 17:1-99:2-109:28-36
162The Coming of Elijah 17:10-139:11-13
163Jesus Heals a Boy Possessed 17:14-219:14-299:37-42
164Jesus Foretells His Passion again 17:22-239:30-329:43-45
165Payment of the Temple Tax17:24-27
166True Greatness 18:1-59:33-379:46-48
167The Strange Exorcist (10:42)9:38-419:49-50
168Warnings concerning Temptations 18:6-9 (;5:13)9:42-50[229] (14:34)
169The Parable of the Lost Sheep 18:10-14[219]
170On Reproving One's Brother 18:15-18[230]
171Where Two or Three are Gathered18:19-20
172On Reconciliation 18:21-22[230]
173The Parable of the Unforgiving Servant 18:23-35
174Decision to Go to Jerusalem9:51
175Jesus is Rejected by Samaritans9:52-56
176On Following Jesus [89]9:57-62
177Commissioning the Seventy [98,99b](6:7-13)10:1-12
178Woes Pronounced on Galilean Cities [108]10:13-15
179He who Hears You Hears Me [104]10:16
180The Return of the Seventy10:17-20
181aJesus' Thanksgiving to the Father [109]10:21-22
181bThe Blessedness of the Disciples [123b]10:23-24
182The Lawyer's Question [282][282]10:25-28
183The Parable of the Good Samaritan10:29-37
184Mary and Martha10:38-42
185The Lord's Prayer [62]11:1-4
186The Importunate Friend at Midnight11:5-8
187Encouragement to Pray [70]11:9-13
188The Beelzebub Controversy [117][117]11:14-23
189The Return of the Evil Spirit [120]11:24-26
190True Blessedness11:27-28
191The Sign of Jonah [119](8:12)11:29-32
192Concerning Light [53](4:21)11:33
193The Sound Eye [65]11:34-36
194aWashing Hands(15:1-3)11:37-41
194bDiscourses Against the Pharisees [284a,284b][284a]11:42-54
195The Leaven of the Pharisees [155][155]12:1
196Exhortation to Fearless Confession [101](4:22; 8:38)12:2-9
197The Sin against the Holy Spirit [118a][118a]12:10
198The Assistance of the Holy Spirit [100][289a]12:11-12
199Warning against Avarice12:13-15
200The Parable of the Rich Fool12:16-21
201Anxieties about Earthly Things [67]12:22-32
202Treasures in Heaven [64]12:33-34
203aWatchfulness [296](13:35)12:35-40
203bFaithfulness [297]12:41-48
204Division in Households [102](10:38)12:49-53
205Interpreting the Times [154][154]12:54-56
206Agreement with One's Accuser [55]12:57-59
207aRepentance or Destruction13:1-5
207bThe Parable of the Barren Fig Tree13:6-9
208The Healing of the Crippled Woman13:10-17
209The Parable of the Mustard Seed [128][128]13:18-19
210The Parable of the Leaven [129]13:20-21
211aThe Narrow Door [72]13:22-24
211bExclusion from the Kingdom [74,85]13:25-30
212A Warning against Herod13:31-33
213The Lament over Jerusalem [285]13:34-35
214The Healing of the Man with Dropsy14:1-6
215Teaching on Humility14:7-14
216The Parable of the Great Supper [279]14:15-24
217The Conditions of Discipleship [103](8:34)14:25-33
218The Parable of Salt [52](9:49-50)14:34-35
219The Parable of the Lost Sheep [169]15:1-7
220The Parable of the Lost Coin15:8-10
221The Parable of the Prodigal Son15:11-32
222The Parable of the Unjust Steward16:1-9
223On Faithfulness in What is Least16:10-12
224On Serving Two Masters [66]16:13
225The Pharisses Reproved16:14-15
226Concerning the Law [54,107]16:16-17
227Concerning Divorce [56b] (19:9)(10:11-12)16:18
228The Parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus 16:19-31
229Warning against Offences [168][168]17:1-2
230On Forgiveness [170,172]17:3-4
231On Faith [163] (21:21)(10:11-12)17:5-6
232We are Unprofitable Servants17:7-10
233The Cleansing of the Ten Lepers17:11-19
234On the Coming of the Kingdom of God 17:20-21
235The Day of the Son of Man [290,291,296][291]17:22-37
236The Parable of the Unjust Judge18:1-8
237The Pharisee and the Publican18:9-14
251Departure to Judea 19:1-210:1
252On Divorce and Celibacy 19:3-1210:2-12(16:18)
253Jesus Blesses the Children 19:13-1510:13-1618:15-17
254The Rich Young Man 19:16-2210:17-2218:18-23
255aOn Riches 19:23-2610:23-2718:24-27
255bThe Rewards of Discipleship 19:27-3010:28-3118:28-30
256The Parable of the Labourers in Vineyard 20:1-16
262The Third Prediction of the Passion 20:17-1910:32-3418:31-34
263aThe Sons of Zebedee 20:20-2310:35-40(12:50)
263bPrecedence among the Disciples 20:24-2810:41-45[313a]
264The Healing of the Blind Men 20:29-3410:46-5218:35-43
266The Parable of the Pounds [299]19:11-27
269The Triumphal Entry 21:1-911:1-1019:28-40
270Jesus Weeps over Jerusalem19:41-44
271Jesus in Jerusalem 21:10-1711:11
272The Cursing of the Fig Tree 21:18-1911:12-14
273The Cleansing of the Temple [271]11:15-1719:45-46
274The Chief Priests Conspire against Jesus (26:3-5)11:18-1919:47-48
275The Fig Tree Is Withered 21:20-2211:20-26
276The Question about Authority 21:23-2711:27-3320:1-8
277The Parable of the Two Sons21:28-32
278The Parable of the Wicked Husbandmen 21:33-4612:1-1220:9-19
279The Parable of the Great Supper 22:1-15[216]
280On Paying Tribute to Caesar 22:16-2212:13-1720:20-26
281The Question about the Resurrection 22:23-3312:18-2720:27-40
282The Great Commandment 22:34-4012:28-34[182]
283The Question about David's Son 22:41-4612:35-3720:41-44
284aBeware of the Scribes 23:1-712:38-4020:45-47
284bWoe to the Scribes and Pharisees 23:8-36[194b]
285Jesus' Lament over Jerusalem 23:37-39[213]
286The Widow's Mite 12:41-4421:1-4
287Prediction of the Destruction of Temple 24:1-213:1-221:5-6
288Signs before the End 24:3-813:3-821:7-11
289aPersecutions Foretold [100]13:9-1321:12-19
289bMany Will Fall Away24:9-14
290The Desolating Sacrilege 24:15-2213:14-2021:20-24
291False Christs and False Prophets 24:23-2813:21-23[235]
292The Coming of the Son of Man 24:29-3113:24-2721:25-28
293The Time of the Coming 24:32-3613:28-3221:29-33
294Take Heed Watch (24:42; 25:13-15)13:33-37(12:38,40)
295Take Heed to Yourselves21:34-36
296The Parable of the Flood 24:37-44(13:35)[203a,235]
297The Parable of the Good Servants 24:45-51[203b]
298The Parable of the Ten Virgins 25:1-13(13:33)
299The Parable of the Talents 25:14-30(13:34)[266]
300The Last Judgement25:31-46
301The Ministry of Jesus in Jerusalem 21:37-38
305Jesus' Death is Premeditated 26:1-514:1-222:1-2
306The Anointing in Bethany 26:6-1314:3-9[114a]
307The Betrayal by Judas 26:14-1614:10-1122:3-6
308Preparation for the Passover 26:17-2014:12-1722:7-14
310Jesus Foretells His Betrayal 26:21-2514:18-21[312]
311The Last Supper 26:26-3014:22-2522:15-20
312Jesus Foretells His Betrayal [310][310]22:21-23
313aPrecedence among the Disciples [263b][263b]22:24-27
313bThe Rewards of Discipleship [255b]22:28-30
315Peter's Denial Predicted 26:31-3514:26-3122:31-34
316The Two Swords22:35-38
330Gethsemane 26:36-4614:32-4222:39-46
331aJesus Arrested 26:47-5614:43-5022:47-53
331bA Young Man Flees14:51-52
332Jesus before the Sanhedrin 26:57-6814:53-65[333b]
333aPeter's Denial 26:69-7514:66-7222:54-62
333bJesus before the Sanhedrin [332][332]22:63-71
334Jesus Delivered to Pilate 27:1-215:123:1
335The Death of Judas27:3-10(Acts 1:18-19)
336The Trial before Pilate 27:11-1415:2-523:2-5
337Jesus before Herod23:6-12
338Pilate Declares Jesus Innocent23:13-16
339Jesus or Barabbas 27:15-2315:6-1423:17-23
341Pilate Delivers Jesus to be Crucified 27:24-2615:1523:24-25
342Jesus Mocked by the Soldiers 27:27-3115:16-20
343aThe Road to Golgotha 27:3215:2123:26
343bDaughters of Jerusalem23:27-32
344The Crucifixion 27:33-3715:22-2623:33-34
345Jesus Derided on the Cross 27:38-4315:27-3123:35-38
346The Two Thieves 27:4415:3223:39-43
347The Death of Jesus 27:45-5415:33-3923:44-48
348Witnesses of the Crucifixion 27:55-5615:40-4123:49
350The Burial of Jesus 27:57-6115:42-4723:50-56
351The Guard at the Tomb27:62-66
352The Women at the Tomb 28:1-816:1-824:1-9
353Jesus Appears to the Women 28:9-10[16:9-11]24:10-12
354The Report of the Guard28:11-15
355The Way to Emmaus[16:12-13]24:13-35
356Jesus Appears to His Disciples [16:14]24:36-43
364The Great Commission28:16-20[16:15-18]
365Jesus' Last Words and Ascension [16:19-20]24:44-53