The Dome in Coral's Art:

The Calling


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Wizards Glendale Elven Territory


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The Wyndstar Dome Designs

First designed in 1980 by Coral and Thomas, the Wyndstar geodesic dome was conceived as a Haven for Imaginative Awakening, a home both for our family and for our creative world.

The Wyndstar Dome itself appears in the painting "The Calling" and was also incorporated into the game "Wizards". Each of the Elven Dwellings in the game is a differently designed dome, with Wyndstar itself residing in Glendale, the principal Elven territory.

The floor plans for Wyndstar have evolved over the years, with a number of changes and variations, but eventually becoming a split-level design with an added tower. However, our unique dome home has yet to be realized.

Dome Views

Four views of the current design:

Front View


Left View


Rear View


Right View

Dome Floor Plans - Individual Levels

Floor plans for the current design are presented here in three sets. In the first set each level (beginning with the lowest) is depicted in isolation.

Garage Level


Living Level


Studio Level


Bedroom Level


Tower Level



Dome Floor Plans - Pairs of Levels

In the second set of floor plans, each possible pairing of adjacent levels is depicted (again beginning with the lowest).

Lower Levels (Garage and Living)


Middle Levels (Living and Studio)


Higher Levels (Studio and Bedroom)


Highest Levels (Bedroom and Tower)

Dome Floor Plans - Rooms Open to the Dome

In the third set of floor plans, rooms from several levels which are open to the dome are depicted.

Levels Visible from the Balcony


All Rooms with Domed (or Roofed) Ceilings


Main Area Open to the Dome