Festive Attire in Action:


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Crafts and Clothing

Some examples of Coral's creativity beyond the traditional fine arts.

Statue Friends

Concrete statues painted in acrylics by Coral:

Ragnar the Dragon - Top View


Ragnar the Dragon - Front View


Ragnar the Dragon - Back View


Gertrude the Tortoise - Front View


Gertrude the Tortoise - Back View


Gertrude the Tortoise - Top View

Needlepoint Tapestry

A painting in wool:

Thatched Cottage and Garden



Examples of Rosaries designed and made by Coral:

Pearlescent Bead Rosaries


Natural Wooden Rosaries


Colored Wooden Rosaries


Multi-Colored Rosaries

Natural Crafts

Coral displaying her hand-made willow wand, stylized staff, and crocheted cardigan:

Coral in Wooly Cardigan with Braided Wand


Coral in Cardigan with Staff and Wand


Coral with Staff


Coral with Staff


Detail of Staff

Festive Clothing

Medieval attire designed and sewn by Coral:

Coral and Thomas in Festive Attire


Thomas in Full Regalia


Coral in Full Regalia


Coral in her English Garden


The Fairy at the Bottom of the Garden