Wyndstar Works


We offer the following services:


For Businesses

Do you have an existing system that just needs some support? Or do you feel that your present setup needs some improvement? Or are you looking to start fresh with a whole new system?

We can help with any of these, from emergency trouble-fixing, to network design and installation, to long-term support, covering every aspect of your system: the physical network, the computer hardware, virtualisation, security, backups, anti-virus, and connectivity with the outside world.


For Homes

Have you just bought a new computer and need help setting it up or transferring data from your old computer? Are you having trouble with your internet connection? Is your computer running slowly or flashing disturbing error messages at you? Do you suspect that you may have contracted a virus?

We offer expert assistance in solving all your frustrating computing problems, and in helping you to be sure that all of your data and communications are safe and secure. And if we are unable to fix a problem, there will be no charge to you.



We are also pleased to provide personalised training sessions for both business and home users, from basic instruction on how to use Windows, word-processing, or the internet, to advanced training on topics such as network administration or security.

We will tailor all such sessions to your own specific needs in consultation with you. Training can be given one-on-one or for small groups at the same hourly rate.