Personalised Website Design

From simple to elaborate, we can help you build a website perfectly suited to your needs. If one of our typical packages does not address your requirements, then we would be happy to produce a personalised solution for you. The price for such a project will be based on our estimate of the time required to complete the project, calculated at a fixed rate per hour of development work.


Such personalised design work might include any of the following:


New Website Design

We would be happy to work with you to design a fully personalised website, with just those features you want it to include.


Website Re-Design

Do you have an existing website, but want to give it a new look? We can take your existing content and give it a fresh context, helping to spark renewed interest in your website from your audience.


Website Alteration

Or do you have an existing website, but parts of its content need to be updated? Depending on your access level to your existing site, we can help you make the alterations you require, or we can create a new site with some old and some new content.


Website Maintenance

Does the information on your website require regular updating? We would be happy to set up a monthly maintenance agreement to make such periodic changes for you.